Project 30,000 in 7

This project is a 7-week journey to discover who you are and where you are going.  It is for empty-nesters and teens looking to create a plan for a fantastic next few years. Take a 30,000 feet perspective on your life and experiences to map your next 7 years.  You'll never be the same! email me to get started -

Ktizo Fly System

When you and your teen begin to plan for the future, give her the gift of a success coach through the Ktizo Fly System.  In partnership, you can create a 5-year plan that will be inspiring to you both!

30,000 in 7

Over 7 weeks, you will take a deep dive into who you are and how you've been created thus far.  Then you'll soar to new heights as you create a focused and flexible plan for the next season of your life.  You'll finish your journey with a confidence you've never had in the knowledge of who you are, how you're made, and what you've been created to do.  And you will have discovered the path for your next adventure!

Leadership, Executive Coaching, and Team-Building Days


It's hard to see the picture when you're inside the frame.  But you know what you want for yourself, your business or your employee who needs coaching. Kristi is the perfect fit to help you set the goals, find the clarity, and create the strategies for success the way you define it!  Find the peace that's right around the corner for yourself or your employee.  Certified in enneagram training, yoga, and experienced in leadership, Kristi is the accountability partner you need.