ktizo Programs

Whether you need some mentoring/planning with your teen, Executive Coaching for yourself or an employee, or some guidance for your arts organization, Kristi can come alongside to help you realize your dreams and your potential.

Leadership & Executive Coaching


It's hard to see the picture when you're inside the frame.  But you know what you want for yourself, your business or your employee who needs a little coaching. Kristi is the perfect fit to help you set the goals, find the clarity, the words, and the strategies to take the next curve.  She will cheer you on as you find the success and the peace that's right around the corner.

ktizo fly 


Sometimes teens need a little guidance, sort of an extra set of ears to listen for their parents, who just want what is best for them while still maintaining a good relationship.  Kristi can help your teen discover their gifts and help them figure out their path for the next season of life.  With parents' guidance, she will uncover with your teen how and which direction to "fly."

Non-Profit Consulting


Kristi has extensive experience on staff and in leadership of a non-profit that went from stable to dying, and then under her leadership, to thriving!  And then Covid hit!  She led her arts-based organization through the pandemic while never closing their doors.  In fact, her organization has never been more successful in exceeding their mission for the community while being the most financially sound they've ever been.  She can help you lead your non-profit to thriving.  From strategic planning, to Board training, from Executive guidance to organizational communication and policy creation, Kristi can help.