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I'm Caroline! I've been teaching classical Ballet and other forms of dance for 10 years. I now teach Pilates, PBT, and Yoga, and am also a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Consultant (NASM). As a former ballerina, I am passionate about movement quality and body awareness. Nutrition has always been an obvious link between movement quality and mental clarity to me, and I'm excited to share what I know with others.

I believe there is power in sharing your results, successes, and disappointments with me and with your community. I can learn from your feedback, and together we will encourage and guide each other towards enjoying greater quality of life and love.

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Caroline is

  • A classical ballet teacher with over a decade's experience

  • A certified Progressing Ballet Technique Instructor with three years of experience

  • A Licensed Fitness Trainer (NASM)

  • A certified Nutrition Coach (NASM)

  • A Pilates instructor (ExpertRating) (NASM)

  • A yoga instructor (ExpertRating) (NASM)

  • A choreographer with 8 year's experience

  • Co-Founder and coach of the Foundation of Arts' Competition Dance Team (2020-present)

My Story

My passions are rooted in creativity and woven with the discipline I learned from being a ballerina. This balance has proven to be the key to success in every project I've worked on, from choreographing for community theaters and schools across NEA to developing virtual programming that could continue teaching ballet in light of the pandemic.


In my journey with the Foundation of Arts, I've taught all genres of dance to men, women, and children of all ages, and I've gotten creative with ways that we could get arts education into the community (FOA Art Kits, Creative Kids Academy Development, etc.). As my very first students aged, I lead them through career development opportunities. My students have been privileged to attend Joffrey Ballet Academy, Arkansas Ballet Company, and even experiment with professional dance modeling opportunities all over the U.S. In 2020, Cori Keller and I developed the FOA Competition Dance Program, serving as a bridge to provide guidance from professional Broadway and Company dancers to our traditionally educated ballerinas. 

I discovered the immense importance of movement quality in dancing when I became certified in Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT). Since then, I've studied Yoga (200 hr), Pilates, Fitness Training, and several other subcategories of movement, obtaining certifications to instruct on each (NASM). I now focus my instruction on kinesiology with each student, and they have flourished in their training!

I discovered the power of nutrition little by little throughout my life. While attempting to use nutritional changes to reach goals in my ballet career, I found myself performing better in school, my mood improved overall, and my productivity skyrocketed. A balanced approach to nutritional changes has changed my life for the better. After becoming a certified Nutritionist through NASM, as well as training to become a virtual coach, it's time for me to help others discover how this applies to their own lives. 


I teach Pilates classes every weekday morning, and Monday and Thursday evenings. 

I'm currently accepting new 1:1 Training clients as well as nutrition clients!

Let's Connect!

(870) 897-5157

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