Ktizo is an ancient Greek term that loosely means "I create, and it's from God." 

Kristi believes that all success is linked to finding your personal creative success. 


Creative success is not necessarily defined within the arts, so she set out to work with clients on their own success plan by helping them see how their success, happiness, and peace is closely linked to their creative awareness.


Kristi is a licensed professional leadership and success coach and a licensed executive coach.  Her experience in the non-profit industry, combined with her experience in the arts and as a mother of 6, makes her highly qualified to coach and consult for success.     

Why ktizo?

Kristi can help you acknowledge your goals, assess the right strategies, and discover your success through creativity, self-awareness, and problem solving skills.  Book a conversation with Kristi to realize the person you were always meant to be!



from a colleague:

"I've had the honor of working with Kristi Pulliam over the past 10 years in several theater productions... During that time, Ive admired her creativity as an artist and her talent for bringing the best out of everyone.  Kristi combines genuine compassion with an ability to communicate with anyone regardless of age and background.  While her title during a theatre production may be "Director", I consider Kristi to be a teacher who skillfully shares wisdom and inspiring lessons that create a wonderful sense of possibility in us all."

                                                                       -Dr. Michael Bowman, professor at Arkansas State University


from a parent -

"Parents often need a trusted resource to help guide kids into the world of making decisions and filtering through options for the future.  Sometimes amidst all the talk about chores, grades, and behavioral choices, the conversations between parent and child about specifics concerning academic/career paths are strained or shallow...at best.  Parents need another trusted voice in the equation.


Kristi spent time with me to learn what our expectations were, as well as to gain a better understanding of our daughter's struggles and strengths. She also wanted to have a grasp of what options we were financially able to consider and encourage for post-high school study.  After gaining a thorough understanding of our family and parental expectations, Kristi developed an individual relationship with our daughter by meeting with her and helping her define her interests and desires for the future.  Together, they defined specific goals and outlined steps to achieve them.  Regular meetings provided the necessary accountability to keep things moving forward.  


It is so important to remember that teens need to feel some independence, but still need guidance.  Coaching provides one of the first opportunities for kids to be treated like and adult and have a say in their own future.  Someone to lead those discussions and help prompt action without nagging is a blessing in the high school years.  It is a great practice run for kids to have real conversations about the future with someone other than a parent.  For us, it was a way to make sure we were hearing what our daughter had to say and use that information to help her make college decisions. Most importantly, it  helped her to take ownership in her own future."

                                                                             -Janea Spades, mom and Attorney at Law