Ktizo is an ancient Greek term that loosely means

"I create, and it's from God." 

Kristi believes that all success is linked to finding your personal creative success. 


Creative success is not necessarily defined within the arts, so she set out to work with clients on their own success plan by helping them see how their success, happiness, and peace is closely linked to their creative awareness.


Kristi is

  • a licensed Professional Leadership and Success Coach and a licensed Executive Coach through International Coach Federation,  

  • a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), through National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives, 

  • a licensed yoga instructor through Aura Wellness

  • a certified teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method

  • graduate with a Master of Arts in Theatre and Communications from Arkansas State University

  • a certified secondary education teacher in theatre, communications, and literature


Why Ktizo?

Kristi can help you acknowledge your goals, assess the right strategies, and discover your success through creativity, self-awareness, and problem solving skills.  Book a conversation with Kristi to discuss your future.