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Caroline Pulliam, Pilates instructor in Jonesboro AR, and Kristi Pulliam, executive instructor and enneagram coach, and their family

Our Values

KTIZO is designed to customize support for the professional and personal development of our clients. Essentially, we believe a few things about everyone's life purpose:

1.) that it is unique, beautiful, and important

2). that it is woven into the dreams and aspirations of a person

3.) that each person has an abundance of them, like seasons

We are here to help you clarify, strategize, and take steps towards your next goal for your business or your life.

Meet the Team


KTIZO is an ancient Greek term that loosely means

"I create, and it's from God." 

Kristi can help you acknowledge your goals and engage the correct strategies, to move to the next level as you define it - for yourself or your business.  Book a conversation with Kristi to discuss your future.


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