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Kristi is

  • a licensed Professional Success Coach and a licensed Executive Business Coach through International Coach Federation (ICF),  

  • a Certified Nonprofit Executive (CNE), through National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives, 

  • a Certified Development Consultant (CDE), through National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives

  • an experienced non-profit business leader

  • a certified teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method and licensed Enneagram Coach (Your Enneagram Coach)

  • M.A. in Theatre and Communications 

  • secondary education teacher in theatre, communications, and literature 

  • a licensed yoga instructor through Aura Wellness

  • a wife of 28 years and mother of 6 successful children

  • author of Directing Your Story

  • founder of Ktizo Coaching & Consulting

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About Kristi

Kristi is a licensed Wellness (Certified Coaches Alliance) and Enneagram Coach (Your Enneagram Coach) and loves to discuss what self-awareness, creative success, and planning can mean for individuals and families

She directs several stage productions each year, harkening to her first love, “theatre-done-well”, a phrase she coined to describe a specific process of the collaborative art form.  Her vision to create a nurturing atmosphere while aspiring for creative excellence succeeds because she empowers other leaders under her tutelage.

Currently, Kristi uses her decades of experience in non-profit to coach and consult other non-profits and small businesses.  She serves on the Arkansas Arts Council Advisory Board, is a certified Non-Profit Executive (through Development Systems International), a licensed International Coaching Foundation Executive Business Coach, and a certified yoga instructor.  

Kristi looks forward to walking alongside other people and organizations, focused on supporting and finding the “oxygen” they need to thrive within their personal and professional mission.

She helps executives, employees, young adults, parents and teens to adjust their mindset, plans, and habits to create a life they call successful.

Kristi has been married to her husband, Kevin for 25 years and raised 6 “almost grown”, successful children who she adores. 

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