Just a few notes about Kristi that she thinks are important for you to know:


Kristi holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Theatre from Arkansas State University, and remains an active Red Wolves fan.  She is a licensed Creative Success Coach and Executive Communication Coach, and she is internationally certified in both areas, working with clients from around the world to help them find success.  She is also credentialed as Certified Non-Profit Executive (CNE) through NANOE (National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives) and is a Consultant for NDI (National Development Institute).​ Kristi is also a certified yoga instructor.


She has six kids, all with her husband, Kevin.  They are each pretty awesome, in her opinion, although she does see her therapist once a month to process all the "stuff".


She believes that God guides her steps and will yours, as well, if you choose it.


She served for 8 years as Executive Director plus a previous 6 years on the Executive Team, for The Foundation of Arts, a non-profit in Northeast Arkansas, that serves thousands in her community through the arts. It was one of few arts organizations that survived and was active during the Covid crisis under her leadership, and grew stronger as a result of her leadership, amazing staff, and passionate volunteers.  She still works for the organization as Artistic Director and Consultant.

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