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Kristi - Life Coach and Business Consultant

Transform your health, your career, your perspective, or your business
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Caroline - Fitness Coach, Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Ballet teacher

In meeting people where they are, we're focused on

  • Hardworking individuals who would like to see more return for their efforts in personal growth, career development, or health and fitness

  • Men, women, and teens who are in a transitional period in their life, and would like to leverage the transition and thrive

  • Executives and business owners searching for strategies and systems to achieve more for their organization

High School Senior Transition Coaching
Ktizo Fly System

Help a teen or an empty-nester define their next season of life!
Strategizing your 7 year plan with Seeing Spots
Seeing SPOTS

Take a deep dive to discover who you are and how God has been creating you til now.  Then create a flexible and focused plan for a compelling future.
Systems and Structures to take your business to the next level
Business Coaching and Consulting
Create and Evaluate Systems, Structures and Procedures for your non profit or small business. Or create a strategic plan to take your business to the next level. 
Pilates Classes with Ktizo
Ktizo Pilates Classes

Pilates incorporates difference aspects of Yoga, T'ai Chi, Ballet, kickboxing, and many other exercise and wellness forms to create healing in and rebalance the body.
Nutrition Coaching for your lifestyle with Ktizo
Ktizo Nutrition Coaching

Let's discover what using food as fuel means to you and for your body. We will evaluate your fitness goals and balance them against your lifestyle needs to create long-lasting results.
Ktizo Fitness 1 on 1 coaching
1:1 Fitness Coaching

Looking for a strategy that is customized to your goals and needs? Do you have a specific timeline for your fitness goals? Or do you want to improve performance technique?
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