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Benefits of Prenatal Pilates

Experts have agreed that Pilates is one of the best exercise forms for pregnant women, as long as you get the green light from your doctor.

Anyone who practices Pilates will experience improved sleep and mood, significantly reduced anxiety, and whole-body toning and shaping.

Did you know that studies show pregnant women who engage in safe exercise are less likely to need C-sections and less likely to develop gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension?

Pilates, specifically is sought after by pregnant women because of its uncanny ability to strengthen the pelvic floor, prevent diastasis recti separation, and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, reducing low back pain for the third trimester of pregnancy.

In your Pilates Classes at Ktizo, you'll find that most exercises draw focus and coordination to the area of the pelvic floor and core. We understand that as the center of gravity, this area serves us best when it is strong and when we are most familiar with it.

We recommend Instructor-Led Pilates, especially for pregnant women, because the instructor can guide, adjust, and provide instant answers to your questions. This will maximize your results for your time spent in class and ensure your ultimate safety as you perform each exercise.

Jonesboro now has a Pilates Studio full of Instructor-Led classes every week. View the schedule here. Ready to book your class online? Register here.

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