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We Just Dropped our 2024 Schedule

You'll want to see this.

Changes to our Pilates Classes:

First off, we are now offering classes tailored to specific fitness/Pilates levels. This will improve your experience, especially if you book a class that best represents where you're at! Second, We are offering discounts on our 8 and 10 Class Packages for January. Tight schedule? You don't have to schedule your classes in January, but purchasing them would save you $$$.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Hybrid Pilates Levels:

  • All Beginner classes will focus on the ground-up development of core strength, improving balance, and fixing posture. These classes will also spend more time stretching to increase mobility. This is perfect for you if you are new to fitness, struggle with hip pain or back pain, or need to start slow when building your body's stability.

  • Intermediate classes will challenge students to try more difficult modifications, to improve strength endurance. These classes will feature exercises that require balance, and include more repetitions per exercise than Beginner or Hybrid classes. If you were recently or currently are an athlete, or categorize your general fitness level as intermediate, this class is for you!

  • Hybrid classes will always provide modifications that will either level up or level down the exercise. With fewer repetitions, this class is a great option for those who are currently beginner-level and would like to progress to intermediate Pilates.

Pilates Class Packages

  • 10% off an 8-class package, with no expiration date for when you book. Schedule whenever!

  • 15% off a 10-class package AND receive your 11th class FREE.

These are available for classes of any level. Commit to your core strength and save $$$ this January. We also have a 4-class package available, with the same terms - no expiration, book any level, and schedule whenever you're ready!

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